An Efficient Hash-Based Assessment and Recovery Algorithm for Distributed Healthcare Systems

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The enhancement of the information technology in many domains has had a positive impact on the healthcare sector. The ability to share medical data is one of the positive outcomes. However, this improvement comes with a number of threats. Although many threat preventive measures have been applied yet, no one can be confident that the system is safe from attacks. Thus, an algorithm needs to assess the damage occurring as a result of an attack before recovering the database. In this work, we present a distributed algorithm that uses hash tables to deal with the “information warfare” problem in healthcare systems. Hash tables astoundingly improve recovery time by delivering swift access to transactions. Moreover, the only needed data is stored within the hash table; this greatly decreases memory and resources exploitation. The proposed algorithm - implemented in Java - is compared with previous works, and demonstrated superior effects.


Computer Sciences | Medicine and Health Sciences


Damage Assessment, Database Recovery, Distributed Databases, Information Warfare, Transactional Dependency

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