A sentiment analysis approach for understanding users’ perception of metaverse marketplace

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Intelligent Systems with Applications

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This research explores the user perceptions of the Metaverse Marketplace, analyzing a substantial dataset of over 860,000 Twitter posts through sentiment analysis and topic modeling techniques. The study aims to uncover the driving factors behind user engagement and sentiment in this novel digital trading space. Key findings highlight a predominantly positive user sentiment, with significant enthusiasm for the marketplace's revenue generation and entertainment potential, particularly within the gaming sector. Users express appreciation for the innovative opportunities the Metaverse Marketplace offers for artists, designers, and traders in handling and trading digital assets. This positive outlook is tempered by notable concerns regarding security and privacy within the Metaverse, pointing to a critical area for development and assurance. The study also reveals a substantial neutral sentiment, reflecting users’ cautious but interested stance, particularly regarding the marketplace's role in investment and passive income opportunities. This balanced view underscores the evolving nature of user perceptions in this emerging field. Theoretically, the research enriches the discourse on technology adoption, particularly in virtual environments, by highlighting perceived benefits and enjoyment as significant adoption drivers. These insights are invaluable for stakeholders in the Metaverse Marketplace, guiding the development of more secure, engaging, and user-friendly platforms. While providing a pioneering perspective on Metaverse user perceptions, the study acknowledges its limitation to Twitter data, suggesting the need for broader research methodologies for a more holistic understanding.




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Metaverse marketplaces, Perceived enjoyment, Security and privacy, Sentiment analysis, Social influence, Trust, Users’ perception

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