Driving transformation in higher education: Exploring the process and impact of educational innovations for sustainability through interdisciplinary studies

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Sandra Baroudi, Zayed University
Areej ElSayary, Zayed University

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Higher Education Quarterly

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Abstract In recent years, there has been a growing focus on innovation research, particularly in the manufacturing and information technology sectors in the US and Europe. However, the disruptions caused by the recent pandemic called for more innovations, especially in the education industry. Innovation is viewed as an outcome of a set of various drivers. This study explored faculty perspectives on the drivers of innovation that can transform the curriculum into an interdisciplinary model to promote sustainability in education. Additionally, it examined the relationship between these drivers and the outcome of innovation, particularly at the process level. An explanatory sequential mixed‐method approach was employed to collect quantitative and qualitative data from a purposeful sample of 60 faculty members at one federal higher education institution in the United Arab Emirates. Findings indicated that while there is a correlation between the drivers and process of innovation and sustainability in education, other factors played a more significant role in facilitating this transformation. Empowering faculty members and involving them in the process of transformation, connecting them with the institutional vision and mission for innovation, fostering a clear understanding of the value of the transformation, providing faculty with continuous professional learning and development opportunities to promote the use of innovative pedagogical methods, are among the key factors.








innovation research, faculty members, interdisciplinary model, sustainability, professional learning

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