Submissions from 2020


Detection and Analysis of Drive-by Downloads and Malicious Websites, Saeed Ibrahim, Nawwaf Al Herami, Ebrahim Al Naqbi, and Monther Aldwairi

Submissions from 2019


The role of organisational learning in creating an agile workforce in Dubai, Mahmoud Abdelhamid and Martin Sposato


Social networks and leadership emergence, Jin Park

Submissions from 2018


Developing Adaptive Islamic Law Business Processes Models for Islamic Finance and Banking by Text Mining the Holy Qur'an and Hadith, Munir Majdalawieh, Farhi Marir, and Issam Tiemsani

Submissions from 2017


Staying on track: The buffering effect of culture on leadership strength and derailment potential, Mary F. Sully de Luque, Yi Zhang, and Jean Brittain Leslie


The role of expats, local residents and tourists in defining a destination: A branding case study for Abu Dhabi tourism, Nataša Slak Valek

Submissions from 2013


Product modelling for simulating business networks offering mass customization, Marc Poulin and Benoit Montreuil

Submissions from 2006

A study on implementing probabilistic packet marking in IPv6, Xuan Hien Dang, Emil Albright, and Abdullah Abonamah

Submissions from 2005


Knowledge management - The next generation of TQM?, Ivana Adamson

Submissions from 2003

Modeling the performance of an outcome based educational framework, Faouzi Bouslama, Azzedine Lansari, Akram Al-Rawi, and Abdullah Abonamah

Submissions from 2002

Assessing a new academic model using artificial neural networks, Faouzi Bouslama, Azzedine Lansari, Akram Al-Rawi, and Abdullah Abonamah