Submissions from 2022


The Impacts of the CEO’s Network Effect on Digitalization and Agile Leadership in China, Xihui Chen, Victor Chang, Patricia Baudier, and Kienpin Tee

Submissions from 2021


Effect of Social Hierarchy on Conflict in teams: From a Structural Perspective, Jin Park

Planning the supply of emergency medical products to cope with pandemics, Sinan Salman, Suzan Alaswad, Ramzi Hammami, and Imen Nouira

Submissions from 2020


Optimal maintenance policies for degrading hydrocarbon pipelines using Markov decision process, Eric Bediako, Suzan Alaswad, Yisha Xiang, and Zhigang Tian


Reliability Analysis of Crude Unit Overhead Piping Based on Wall Thickness Degradation Process, Eric Bediako, Yisha Xiang, Susan Alaswad, Liao Ying, and Liudong Xing


Detection and Analysis of Drive-by Downloads and Malicious Websites, Saeed Ibrahim, Nawwaf Al Herami, Ebrahim Al Naqbi, and Monther Aldwairi

Submissions from 2019

Healthcare applications of intelligent information systems: A novel technique for medical image fusion, Ahed Abugabah and Ahmad Alsmadi


A relational approach to exploring inequalities within the human resource management model in the Middle East, Safiya Banu, Nicolina Kamenou-Aigbekaen, and Laura Galloway


Everything-as-a-Thing for Abstracting the Internet-of-Things, Zakaria Maamar, Noura Faci, Mohamed Sellami, Emir Ugljanin, and Ejub Kajan


Social networks and leadership emergence, Jin Park

Submissions from 2018

Impact of IoT device saturation on home WiFi networks, Dylan Kauling, May AlTaei, and Qusay H. Mahmoud


Developing Adaptive Islamic Law Business Processes Models for Islamic Finance and Banking by Text Mining the Holy Qur'an and Hadith, Munir Majdalawieh, Farhi Marir, and Issam Tiemsani

Submissions from 2017


Staying on track: The buffering effect of culture on leadership strength and derailment potential, Mary F. Sully de Luque, Yi Zhang, and Jean Brittain Leslie


The role of expats, local residents and tourists in defining a destination: A branding case study for Abu Dhabi tourism, Nataša Slak Valek


A sequential inspection and replacement policy for degradation-based systems, Zhicheng Zhu, Yisha Xiang, Suzan Alaswad, and C. Richard Cassady

Submissions from 2016


Forensic investigation of cyberstalking cases using Behavioural Evidence Analysis, Noora Al Mutawa, Joanne Bryce, Virginia N.L. Franqueira, and Andrew Marrington

Submissions from 2015


Consumers Attitude towards the Use of Mobile Health Apps: An Empirical Review, Ayesha Almarri and Tariq Bhatti

Submissions from 2014


AMCIS - Impact of cloud computing adoption on firm stock price - An empirical research, M. Adam Mahmood, Faruk Arslan, Jagadish Dandu, and Godwin J. Udo

Submissions from 2013


Product modelling for simulating business networks offering mass customization, Marc Poulin and Benoit Montreuil

Submissions from 2012

Innovative use of it applications for teaching entrepreneurship to youth: Uae case study, Abu Talib Manar, Khelifi Adel, Al Mansori Fatema, Ballaith Zahra, and Hableel Eman

Submissions from 2011

Forensic artifacts of Facebook's instant messaging service, Noora Al Mutawa, Ibtesam Al Awadhi, Ibrahim Baggili, and Andrew Marrington

Forensics and war-driving on unsecured wireless network, Huwida Said, Mario Guimaraes, Noora Al Mutawa, and Ibtesam Al Awadhi

Submissions from 2010

Social media marketing in the UAE, Afraa Abdulla Al Tenaiji and Yoosuf Cader

Towards the unification of success measures for enterprise systesm (ES), Tariq Bhatti

Submissions from 2009


IT Systems Development: An IS Curricula Course that Combines Best Practices of Project Management and Software Engineering, Abdallah Tubaishat

Submissions from 2008

The adoption of mobile commerce in the United Arab Emirates, Tariq Bhatti

Submissions from 2007

Assessing enterprise resource planning systems success: An empirical study, Tariq Bhatti and V. Jayaraman

An evolutionary approach for business process redesign - Towards an intelligent system, Mariska Netjes, Selma Limam Mansar, Hajo A. Reijers, and Wil M.P. Van der Aalst

Submissions from 2006

Implemntation process of enterprise resource planning (ERP): Emprical validation, Tariq Bhatti

A study on implementing probabilistic packet marking in IPv6, Xuan Hien Dang, Emil Albright, and Abdullah Abonamah

E-government implementation: A comparative evaluation of websites maturity, Selma Limam Mansar


E-government implementation: Impact on business processes, Selma Limam Mansar

Submissions from 2005


Knowledge management - The next generation of TQM?, Ivana Adamson


BPR Implementation: A Decision-Making Strategy, Selma Limam Mansar, Hajo A. Reijers, and Fouzia Ounnar

Identifying semantically similar arabic words using a large vocabulary speech recognition system, Habib Talhami and Ibrahim Kamel

Submissions from 2004

Information Systems curriculum optimization for effective learning of problem solving, Faouzi Bouslama, Azzedine Lansari, and Akram Al-Rawi


Experimental Setup for Underwater Artifact Identification and Signal Analysis using Wavelets, Mounir Hergli, Faouzi Bouslama, Jamel Baili, Azzedine Lansari, Akram Al-Rawi, and Kamel Besbes

Submissions from 2003

Modeling the performance of an outcome based educational framework, Faouzi Bouslama, Azzedine Lansari, Akram Al-Rawi, and Abdullah Abonamah

Submissions from 2002


Assessing a New Academic Model Using Artificial Neural Networks, Faouzi Bouslama, Azzedine Lansari, Akram Al-Rawi, and Abdullah Abonamah

Submissions from 2001


How to Deal with Influence in Multiagent Systems?, Zakaria Maamar and Fahim Akhter