Submissions from 2020


Algorithm Appreciation: Algorithmic Performance, Developmental Processes, and User Interactions, Donghee Shin, Bouziane Zaid, and Mohammed Ibahrine

Submissions from 2017

Leveraging the affordances of mobile learning for vocabulary gains, Michael Bowles

Submissions from 2014

Global circuit response to the 11-year solar cycle: Changes in source or in medium?, Earle Williams, Anirban Guha, Robert Boldi, Gabriella Satori, Alexander Koloskov, and Yuri Yampolski

Submissions from 2003


Habitus in transition? CMC use and impacts among young women in the United Arab Emirates, James Piecowye

Submissions from 2002


Integration of Workflow and Agent Technology for Business Process Management, Yuhong Yan, Zakaria Maamar, and Weiming Shen