CWSC4EC: How to employ context, web service, and community in enterprise collaboration

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Proceedings - The 8th International Conference on New Technologies in Distributed Systems, NOTERE 2008

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Web services are becoming an essential support for inter-enterprise collaborative business process. Nevertheless, in spite of the crucial progress in Web service technologies there is some shortage especially in the discovery and selection phase. In fact, Web services are selected based on functional criteria. But, in the case of business process collaboration there is a need to consider more pragmatic criteria such as context parameters. In this work we present a framework for collaboration process creation. It enables Web services selection based on contextual description. For this end, we present a novel categorization for the context suitable to the inter-enterprise collaboration. The context categorization is represented using a flexible and dynamic ontology-based model. In order to enhance Web service selection and to improve the manageability of a high number of Web services, we use the community concept in order to gather specific domain Web services. The presented framework uses abstract templates called Goal templates to insure an abstract description of required web services. Goal templates gather both functional and contextual parameters used to select suitable services. businesses are put under the continuous pressure to enhance their know-how, review their policies, and adapt their business process interoperability. This trend is behind a paradigm shift in enterprise structure from the traditional single entity to being a partner in a collaboration of Web services. Copyright 2008 ACM.




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Collaborative business process, Collaborative business process creation, Community, Context, Web service

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