Innovative use of it applications for teaching entrepreneurship to youth: Uae case study

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Proceedings of the European, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Conference on Information Systems, EMCIS 2012

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H.H. Sheikh Khalifa Al-Nihayan, President of the UAE, considers entrepreneurs to be of vital importance to improving the economy of the UAE, as they constitute an institutionalized and systematic panel of qualified consultants. There is a real need for entrepreneurship in the UAE, as indicated in Abu Dhabi's Vision 2030 and Dubai's Strategic Plan 2015. Studies have shown that 70% of high school students in the UAE would like to become entrepreneurs, and the skills they acquire will serve them well in many areas. They will become responsible, critical thinkers through their involvement in real life learning experiences. They will also be prepared to take risks, solve problems, manage results, and learn from their business outcomes. The main objectives of this research are to gain in-depth knowledge about entrepreneurship among the youth in the UAE and to run a pilot IT application for them about entrepreneurship, in order to study the effectiveness of using this technology in teaching entrepreneurial skills. The research can also serve as a road map for other researchers interested in this topic in this region, because it has gathered the related work and initiatives together in one publication. The surveys and interviews conducted examine the programs and applications that already exist, and a pilot application is developed and tested on some young people to help them to become successful entrepreneurs through mastering leadership skills, and through critical and innovative thinking.




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