Secure and Internet-Less Connectivity to a Blockchain Network for Limited Connectivity Bank Users

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Daniel Maldonado-Ruiz
Mohamad Badra
Nour El Madhoun
Jenny Torres

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Book Chapter

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Lecture Notes in Computer Science

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Over the past few years, we have seen the emergence of a wide range of banking architectures, technologies, and applications made possible by the significant improvements in hardware, software, and networking technologies. Nowadays, innovative solutions are being developed by banks to leverage the benefits of blockchain, to improve their business agility and performance, and to make their business operations more efficient and secure. However, there are still cases where regular access to Internet is impossible or unreliable due to saturated networks or harsh environments, hence limiting the deployment of typical blockchain based solutions. In this context, an approach using a new connectivity technology is needed in order to increase mobile Internet services for any device to reach nearly 95% of the world population, instantly, simply by drawing on existing mobile phone networks, with no additional infrastructure development. We aim to give the user full bank access from their device, even if the device is not a smart one, using ordinary mobile phone networks. However, providing efficient and secure communications over lossy and low bandwidth networks remains a challenge. The main objective of this paper will be to design an end-to-end and low overhead secure solution for the communications between mobile devices and their corresponding remote application servers that using blockchain via ordinary mobile networks .




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