Efficient In-Network Caching in NDN-based Connected Vehicles

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Conference Proceeding

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2021 IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM)

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Advancements in communication technologies such as Beyond 5G have made it possible for on-demand services in vehicular networks. Novel advancements in the transportation area are needed to meet these feature requirements. Most of the communications in vehicular networks are based on names of content and thus caching inside the network makes Named Data Networking (NDN) a suitable option for content dissemination for connected vehicles. To achieve NDN maximum benefits, a new effective data forwarding scheme is needed as the size of the cache is limited to store all of the requested content, and cache replacement scheme to replace the data which is not required. In this paper, the challenge of in-network caching is addressed in terms of efficient cache utilization by considering the cache hit ratio and the challenge of vehicles' mobility. The volume of data cached during communication is called cache utilization. Many in-network caching strategies are proposed in the literature, but very few of the proposed schemes consider the efficient utilization of cache resources while considering the mobility of vehicles. Default cache replacement technique is Least Recently Used (LRU) whereas Leave Copy Everywhere (LCE), Probabilistic Caching (PC), Always Cache (AC), Leave Copy Down (LCD), Reactive Caching (RC), and Edge Caching (EC) are used as data forwarding schemes. In this paper, existing in-network caching strategies with important role in cache utilization such as data forwarding schemes, and cache replacement schemes, are implemented, evaluated and a new caching scheme is proposed which will address the issues faced by current schemes.


Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)


Computer Sciences


Connected vehicles, 5G mobile communication, Conferences, Redundancy, Transportation, Probabilistic logic, Liquid crystal displays

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