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Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Evaluation of Novel Approaches to Software Engineering

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This paper presents an approach to coordinate the consumption of resources by transactional business processes. Resources are associated with consumption properties known as unlimited, limited, limited-but-extensible, shareable, and non-shareable restricting their availabilities at consumption-time. And, processes are associated with transactional properties known as pivot, retriable, and compensatable restricting their execution outcomes in term of either success or failure. To consider the intrinsic characteristics of both consumption properties and transactional properties when coordinating resource consumption by processes, the approach adopts Allen’s interval algebra through different time-interval relations like before, overlaps, and during to set up the coordination, which should lead to a free-of-conflict consumption. A system demonstrating the technical doability of the approach based on a case study about loan application business-process and a real dataset is presented in the paper, as well.


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Business | Computer Sciences


Allen’s Interval Algebra, Business Process, Coordination, Resource, Transaction

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