An investigation of teachers' perceptions of using ChatGPT as a supporting tool for teaching and learning in the digital era

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Areej ElSayary, Zayed University

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Journal of Computer Assisted Learning

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Abstract Background The widespread use of information and communication technology (ICT) has led to significant changes in societal aspects, resulting in the emergence of a “knowledge society.” However, students and teachers have faced challenges in adapting to this digitalization. In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), transitioning to a knowledge‐based economy is a primary national agenda goal, aligning with Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG4) of ensuring high‐quality education. Objectives This research investigates teachers' perceptions of using ChatGPT as a digital supporting tool for teaching and learning practices. This includes lesson planning, teaching and learning activities, assessment and feedback and the challenges and benefits explored. Methods This study employs an explanatory sequential mixed‐methods design involving quantitative and qualitative data collection methods. An online survey was used with closed‐ended items to collect quantitative data, while semi‐structured interviews were conducted to collect qualitative data. The study participants are middle and high school teachers (n1 = 40) from different Dubai and Abu Dhabi private schools. Results and Conclusions The most noticeable result is that teachers feel the benefits of using ChatGPT in lesson planning, teaching and learning and less in assessment and feedback. Some challenges and benefits were highlighted in each area and recommendations were suggested. However, teachers' biggest challenge was the bias and accuracy of information received and the lack of human interaction. Takeaways The findings provide valuable insights into the potential of ChatGPT in education and inform future research in this area. Specifically, the study provided insights into the effectiveness of ChatGPT in enhancing students' learning outcomes, engagement and motivation, as well as its impact on teaching practices and paedagogical beliefs. Lay Description ChatGPT can be used as a digital supporting tool for teaching and learning ChatGPT positively impacts student learning outcomes and performances ChatGPT helped teachers generate innovative ideas for differentiated activities







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