Advancing temporal sepsis biomarking: Covariate vascular endothelial growth factor A and B gene expression profiling in a murine model of SARS-CoV infection

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The limited specificity of standard inflammatory biomarkers poses a challenge for the diagnosis and monitoring of sepsis. The differential gene expression patterns of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor A and B (VEGF-A and B) are promising candidates. This study aimed to elucidate variations in VEGF-A/B gene expression following SARS-CoV MA15 disease initiation. Biomarker tracking was examined in a murine C57BL wild-type (WT) genotype MA15 (SARS-CoV) nasal instillation model. In [GSE40824], the expression of TNF and VEGF-A significantly differed between the groups (p = 1.53e-07, and 0.0043) and over time. In [GSE40827], [GSE51386], [GSE51387], and [GSE40840], the expression of TNF, VEGF-A, and VEGF-B was significantly different between groups, but not over time. In [GSE50878] and [GSE68220], TNF, NF-κB1, and VEGF-B showed significant differences in expression between the groups. The difference in VEGF-A expression was significant between the groups in [GSE68220] but not in [GSE50878]. However, the change over time from day 2 to day 4 was significant. In [GSE49262], TNF, NF-κB1, and VEGF-A significantly differed between the groups, and the changes in NF-κB1 and VEGF-A over time were significant. In [GSE49263], four genes differed significantly between the groups. In [GSE50000], TNF, NF-κB1, VEGF-A, and VEGF-B showed non-significant upregulation in the group with the higher dose. TNF, NF-κB1, and VEGF-A levels decreased from days 1–4 and increased from days 4–7. VEGF-B decreased from days 1–2 and increased from days 2–4 and from days 4–7. In [GSE33266], NF-κB1, VEGF-A, and VEGF-B levels varied between doses and time points. Our findings suggest that VEGF-A exhibits a more consistent and pronounced response to SARS MA15 infection regarding dose dependency and temporal expression changes.




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Gene-expression, Kawasaki disease, MA15, NFKB1, SARS, Temporal sepsis biomarking, TNF, VEGF-A, VEGF-B

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