Submissions from 2022


Developing Preservice Teachers' Design Thinking Mindset Using Interactive Technology, Areej Elsayary


Establishing Social, Cognitive and Teacher Presences to Develop Students' Digital Competencies Through Their Engagements in Online Learning, Areej ELSayary and Lawrence Meda

Submissions from 2021


The Acceptance of Social Media Sites: An Empirical Study Using PLS-SEM and ML Approaches, Sawsan Al-Skaf, Enaam Youssef, Mohammed Habes, Khadija Alhumaid, and Said A. Salloum

Islamic Education and youth culture Exploring tolerance in UAE Islamic Education classrooms, Naved Bakali and Mariam Alhashmi


Teaching and assessing creativity in STEAM education, Areej ElSayary


Transforming preservice teachers' learning in online courses: A framework of instructional design, Areej Elsayary

Submissions from 2019


Student proficiency profiles through the computing professional skills assessment, Maurice Danaher, Kevin Schoepp, Anthony Rhodes, and Tiffany Cammidge


Raising Children’s Cultural Awareness: A Task-Based Approach, Nadine Jaafarawi

Submissions from 2017

Academic reading on a collaborative, online platform, Jenny Eppard and Preeya Reddy

Localising content for an XMOOC in the UAE, Jenny Eppard and Preeya Reddy

A framework for flipped learning, Jenny Eppard and Aicha Rochdi

Reading while listening on mobile devices: An innovative approach to enhance reading, Aicha Rochdi and Jenny Eppard

Submissions from 2016


The computing professional skills assessment: An innovative method for assessing ABET's student outcomes, Kevin Schoepp, Maurice Danaher, and Ashley Ater Kranov

Submissions from 2014


A direct method for teaching and measuring engineering professional skills for global workplace competency: Adaptations to computing at a University in the United Arab Emirates, Ashley Ater Kranov, Maurice Danaher, and Kevin Schoepp

Submissions from 2011


Defining a Standard for Reporting Digital Evidence Items in Computer Forensic Tools, Hamda Bariki, Mariam Hashmi, and Ibrahim Baggili

Submissions from 2010


Discovering the next level: An it college quality assurance investigation, Gregory Skulmoski, Azzedine Lansari, Mohammed Lakhim, and Nadhera Al Nasser

Submissions from 2008


Beyond IT interoperability assessment: Complexity analysis of the project context, Gregory J. Skulmoski and Francis T. Hartman

Submissions from 2006

Discussion forums and peer collaboration: A case study of an on-campus teaching strategy, Gilles Doiron

Submissions from 2002


Activity theory to investigate the implementation of ICTE, Geoff Romeo and Ian Walker