Submissions from 2007


A case study: Adoption of information technology in e-business of United Arab Emirates, Fahim Akhter


The contribution of intelligent system in forming trust and competitiveness during online transactions, Fahim Akhter

An intelligent integrated e-Government framework: The case of Jordan, Ghazi Alkhatib, Emad Bataineh, Haider Fraihat, and Zakaria Maamar

Exploring factors influencing the adoption of mobile commerce, Tariq Bhatti

Submissions from 2006

The cross-cultural challenges of adopting b2ce-commerce in middle east, europe, north americaand africa: An exploratory study, Fahim Akhter

Integrating IT certifications in networking courses: CISCO CCNA versls comptia network+, Akram Al-Rawi, Azzedine Lansari, and Faouzi Bouslama

Smart e-trader: A prototype information management system for UAE stock markets, F. A. Amir, H. Ibraheem, H. Mesmar, S. A. Mutawa, and E. Bataineh


Web service = E + F + I, Emad Bataineh, Zakaria Maamar, Djamai Benslimane, and Chirine Ghedira

Optimal restrictions for shareware use - time or functionality based, Wendy Hui and Fahim Akhter

Analysis of distributed resource management in wireless LANs that support fault tolerance, Ghassan Kbar and Wathiq Mansoor


Towards aspect-based modeling of self-healing Web Services, G. Kouadri Mostéfaoui, Z. Maamar, N. C. Narendra, and Ph Thiran


Decoupling security concerns in web services using aspects, G. Kouadri Mostéfaoui, N. C. Narendra, Z. Maamar, and S. Sattanathan


The world of work beneath the veil, A. Rhodes and N. Edge


Ontologies for specifying and reconciling contexts of web services, S. Sattanathan, N. C. Narendra, and Z. Maamar

Context-driven policy enforcement and reconciliation for Web services, S. Sattanathan, N. C. Narendra, Z. Maamar, and G. Kouadri Mostéfaoui

Submissions from 2005

Integrating certifications into information systems curricula, Akram Al-Rawi, Azzedine Lansari, and Faouzi Bouslama

E-learning and the educational organizations structure reengineering (EOSR), Osama Alshara and Abdallah Tubaishat

On coordinating personalizedweb services using CooPS, Zakaria Maamar, Emad Bataineh, and Ghazi AlKhatib


On Coordinating Personalized Web Services using COOPS, Z. Maamar, E. Bataineh, and G. AlKhatib


Context for Personalized Web Services, Z. Maamar, S.K. Mostefaoui, and Q.H. Mahmoud


On self-coordinating web services using similarity and neural networks, Z. Maamar, I. Younas, D. Benslimane, C. Ghedira, and H. Yahyaoui

Addressing enterprise information security, Anthony Rhodes

Submissions from 2004


Determining the factors which engender customer trust in business-to-consumer (B2C) electronic commerce, Fahim Akhter, Dave Hobbs, and Zakaria Maamar

Infrastructure for mobile learning environments, Arif Bhatti and Miroslaw Majewski


A conceptual analysis of the role of conversations in Web services composition, Zakaria Maamar, Soraya Kouadri Mostéfaoui, and Emad Bataineh

Submissions from 2003


A new non-recursive algorithm for binary search tree traversal, Akram Ai-Rawi, Azzedine Lansari, and Faouzi Bouslama


An agent-based approach to specify a Web service-oriented environment, Z. Maamar, F. Akhter, and M. Lahkim


Mining the web and medline medical records to discover new facts on diabetes, Farhi Marir, Huwida Said, and Usama Alalami

Submissions from 2002


Rethinking process guidance for selecting software components, N. Maiden, H. Kim, and Cornelius Ncube


The limitations of current decision-making techniques in the procurement of COTS software components, Cornelius Ncube and John C. Dean